About Us

Island Bay and the surrounding communities have supported koru hub for the past 16 years and it is a well-loved local identity. We are delighted to be its kaitiaki as it continues to grow and change.

Emma, who is a counsellor and supports wellbeing and creativity, has been renting a room at koru hub for five years. Alan, who is a local photographer, is committed to the environment and to the community. Together we are creating a unique space. We are keeping the heart and soul of koru hub and developing it as a creative wellbeing hub.

We have lots of exciting ideas and would love it if you dropped in to see the changes that are happening and the energy that is building.

Emma and Alan

Building’s History

We love this photo as it shows this building has always been at the centre of Island Bay.Koru hub used to be the Island Bay Post Office! Scouts were doing good deeds outside our doors in 1956.