You’ll find koru hub at 118 The Parade Island Bay. We are a friendly wellbeing centre with a community of practitioners who care about the people they look after.

Koru hub consists of:

  • A shop that sells New Zealand made or designed gifts, and products that increase well-being (natural products, affirmations, things that support mindfulness, meditation and spiritual development); If there is something that you would like us to stock, please let us know.
  • Three practitioner rooms at the rear of koru hub
  • the smallest room is suitable for one-on-one consultations or counselling 
  • the middle room is suitable for one-on-one consultations, counselling and treatments  
  • the biggest room is suitable for treatments , workshops, and meetings
  • A gathering/waiting area at the front of the shop which includes:
  • a community library
  • a community notice board
  • a koru hub noticeboard where you can advertise any talks, workshops, and courses that you are holding at Koru Hub
  • a practitioner’s information wall
  • an ‘inspiration’ wall.


The Purpose of koru Hub is:

  • To provide a resource for the community where people can find New Zealand made or designed gifts with heart, support local artists, and increase their sense of wellbeing through connection and our wellbeing products
  • To provide a wellbeing centre for the local community of Island Bay and the southern suburbs, by providing a range of natural therapies, talks, workshops and natural and healing products
  • Create and sustain a core community of self-employed practitioners.  More than providing just a space to rent, it is an opportunity to be a part of a supportive collective healing hub.

Responsibilities of koru hub health and wellbeing

1. We promote your work via:

  • The koru hub website
  • The practitioner’s information board
  • The koru hub notice board where you can advertise talks, workshops, and courses that you are running at koru hub

2. We take responsibility for ensuring a safe, clean, tidy and welcoming environment to work in.

3. We take responsibility for overseeing the smooth running of the centre, which includes:

  • the booking system andthe website
  • forwarding emails to practitioners
  • communicating and information sharing with practitioners
  • helping new practitioners to settle in
  • organising periodic social gatherings for practitioners

Responsibilities of Practitioner

You take responsibility for:Practicing in accordance with your professional qualifications

  • Keeping your skills and qualifications up-to-date
  • Ensuring you adhere to the Code of Health and Disability Service Standards
  • Informing koru hub about anything that may impact on your quality of service
  • Informing koru hub if a complaint is made against you
  • Building your own business and clientele
  • Making your own pamphlets and business cards
  • Ensuring that there is always a good supply of your business cards and/or pamphlets at koru hub
  • Booking your own clients and making your own financial transactions
  • Making sure that the room you want is available, and booking it online, before making an appointment with client
  • Booking any equipment that you need ahead of time (massage table, small foldout table, whiteboard, 12 meeting chairs, large table for workshops or meetings)
  • Paying your room rent at the time of booking
  • Keeping the premises secure when using the rooms

The rooms

There are three lovely practice rooms, each with their own unique feel.

The smallest room, which is light and bright and cheerful, is suitable for counselling or any two-person consultation.

$20 for 1 ½ hours (day) $25 for 2 hours (day) $40 for a half day  (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm) $60 for a full day  (8am-6pm) $30 for an evening starting at 6.30pm

The next room which is a bit bigger can be used for two-person consultations, a massage or treatment room, or a small meeting room up to 5 people. This is a very quiet and peaceful room.

$20 for 1 ½ hours (day) $25 for 2 hours (day) $40 for a half day (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm) $60 for a full day (8am-6pm) $30 for an evening starting at 6.30pm

The largest of the three rooms is best for a group, workshop or meeting (comfortably sitting 8 but can fit 12 in a circle or 8 around 2 trestle tables), or a treatment room, but can be used as a consultation room. This room has a more modern feel.

$20 for 1 ½ hours (day) $25 for 2 hours (day) $45 for a half day (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm) $70 for a full day (8am-6pm) $ 30 for the early evening (6.00-7.30pm) $40 for the later evening (7.30-9.30pm)

Each room has plenty of light and windows that open. If there are particular things in a room that are not to your taste you are welcome to put them in a cupboard while you use the room.

  • The two larger rooms have CD players.
  • There are 2 massage tables, a small folding table, and a whiteboard all available for booking.
  • There is a storage cupboard in which practitioners are welcome to have a box of things that they leave there.
  • The entrance way has three chairs, a water cooler, and books to read. This space is both a waiting area and a place for people to chat.
  • There is a small kitchen area with a small fridge, a microwave, and tea making facilities.
  • Rooms can be rented on a casual or a permanent basis.  All room bookings are made online by the practitioner.

Application process for renting a practice room at koru hub

  1. Once we have received your application form we will contact you and arrange a time to meet at koru hub, for you to have a look around, and for us to have a chat.
  2. If after this meeting, we both think that koru hub is a good fit for you then we sign an agreement. 
  3. You will then be shown how to use the online booking system and how to use the lock box. You will then be able to make bookings.
  4. We will need a heads and shoulders photo of your that we will use on the practitioner’s board and on the website. Alan, one of the owners, is a photographer and will take your photo.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you around koru hub!