Introduction to the Chakra System:
A Map to Wholeness and Wellbeing

The Chakra system is a map of the human energy field. There are 7 main chakras that relate to different regions, organs, nerve clusters, meridians, emotions, thought patterns, and locations in the physical and emotional body, and when we can understand and read this map we can create more awareness of our own mind, body, and soul. Having greater awareness means we can become our own healer.

Workshop includes introduction to chakra system and chakra psychology, guided visualization, meditation, movement therapy, chakra art, chakra crystal sound healing, aromatherapy, as well as take home material.

Schamet Horsfield is a Chakra Yoga Teacher,
Movement Therapist, Intuitive Chakra Energy Healer,
and a Womans Circle Facilitator. Schamet’s main
teacher is Anodea Judith-Eastern Body, Western Mind
and is a co-heart at Sacred Centers.

“Schamet teaches from her heart and her style
is fluid, dynamic, and she has her own unique brand of magic
to share which is uplifting and illuminating.” -Heather Main

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