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Kereru products

KereruBalmsArnica healing cream – 30mls $12.00
KereruBalmsArnica healing cream – 65mls $17.50 
KereruBalmsCold balm 30mls $12.50 
KereruBalmsCold balm 60mls $17.50 
KereruBalmsNew Zealand healing & soothing green balm 80mls$18.50
KereruBath saltsBody revive 250gms$16.00
KereruBath saltsPamper 250gms $16.00 
KereruBath saltsPassion 250gms $16.00  
KereruBath saltsSummer Breeze 250gms $16.00  
KereruBath saltsSweet Dreams 250gms $16.00  
KereruBeeswaxBeeswax Bar $3.50 
KereruEssential OilsBasil 5mls $23.00 
KereruEssential OilsBergamot 5mls $18.50 
KereruEssential OilsCedarwood 12mls $15.00 
KereruEssential OilsCinnamon Leaf 12mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsClary Sage 5mls $28.00 
KereruEssential OilsClove Bud 5mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsEucalyptus 12mls $16.80 
KereruEssential OilsFrankincense 5mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsGeranium 5mls $18.50 
KereruEssential OilsGinger Organic 5mls $23.00 
KereruEssential OilsGrapefruit 12mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsJasmine 5mls $23.00 
KereruEssential OilsJuniper Berry 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilsLavender 12mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilsLemon 12mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilsLemongrass 12mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsLime 12mls  $14.00 
KereruEssential OilMarjoram 5mls$14.00
KereruEssential OilsMandarin 12mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsManuka 5mls $23.00 
KereruEssential OilMelissa 3% 5ml essential oil $22.00 
KereruEssential OilsNeroli 5mls $18.50 
KereruEssential OilsOrange 12mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsPatchouli 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilsPeppermint 12mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilPine oil 12mls $15.00 
KereruEssential OilsRoman Chamomile 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilsRose 5mls$16.00
KereruEssential OilRose geranium 5mls$22.00
KereruEssential OilsRosemary 12mls$16.00
KereruEssential OilsSage 5mls $14.00 
KereruEssential OilsSandalwood 5mls $42.00 
KereruEssential OilsSpearmint 12 mls$12.00
KereruEssential OilsTeatree 12mls $17.00 
KereruEssential OilsThyme 5mls $12.00 
KereruEssential OilsVanilla 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential OilsYlang Ylang 5mls $18.00 
KereruEssential Oil BlendsBreathe – cedarwood, lemon, peppermint, & eucalyptus – 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential Oil BlendsChristmas – frankincense, clove, mandarin, pine, cinnamon, & rosemary – 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential Oil BlendsInner Beauty – orange, cedarwood, ylang ylang, lime, neroli – 5mls $16.00 
KereruEssential Oil BlendsSummer Breeze – Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit, Geranium – 12mls $16.00 
KereruEssential Oil BlendsThieves – eucalyptus, reosemary, lemon, clove bud, cinnamon bar – 12mls $16.00 
KereruHydrosolWitch Hazel 50mls $10.00 
KereruHydrosolRosewater 50mls $12.00 
KereruHydrosolRosewater 100mls  $17.50 
KereruInsect repellentInsect Repellent $11.50 
KereruLotion/creamCalendula & manuka with lavender – pump $24.00 
KereruLotion/creamCalendula & manuka with lemon & tea tree – pump $24.00 
KereruMassage OilMassage Oil Lavender $16.00 
KereruMassage OilMassage Oil Orange & Lemon $16.00 
KereruMassage OilMassage Oil Ylang Ylang $16.00 
KereruOilArnica Oil 50 mls $17.50 
KereruOilHempseed oil 25mls $13.00 
KereruOilJojoba oil 25 mls$14.00
KereruOilRosehip Oil 25mls $16.00 
KereruOilSweet Almond 100mls $10.00 

Global Soap products

Global SoapBath bombAtomic Adventure Blue $8.00 
Global SoapBath bombCitrus Blast Yellow $8.00 
Global SoapBath bombNelson Factor Multi Coloured $8.00 
Global SoapBath bombRelaxation Green $8.00 
Global SoapBath bombSeventh Heaven Pink $8.00 
Global SoapBath bombSizzling Seduction Red $8.00 
Global SoapBath oilMelting Butter Bath Oil $14.00 
Global SoapConditioner barsBergamont $20.00 
Global SoapConditioner barsCoconut $20.00 
Global SoapConditioner barsOrange $20.00 
Global SoapSoapBaby Bar $5.50 
Global SoapSoapBeer Soaps – Shower/Shampoo/Shave – Lager $7.00 
Global SoapSoap Beer Soaps – Shower/Shampoo/Shave – Ale $7.00 
Global SoapSoapBeer Soaps – Shower/Shampoo/Shave – Stout $7.00 
Global SoapSoapCharcoal Detox Soap $12.50 
Global SoapSoapChristmas Rosemary Soap $7.00 
Global SoapSoapGardening Soap $9.00 
Global SoapFacialClay Mask White$21.00
Global SoapFacialClay Mask Yellow$21.00
Global SoapShaving BarOriginal $10.50 
Global SoapShaving BarCharcoal $10.50 
Global SoapShampoo BarCoconut & Argan$19.50
Global SoapShampoo BarLemon & Lavender$19.50
Global SoapShampoo BarRosemary & Lavender$19.50
Global SoapShampoo BarTeatree & Lavender$19.50

Mt Meru products

Mt MeruCharcoalHamil Al Musk 10 Charcoal Disc$2.00
Mt MeruIncense7 Chakra Sticks $3.00 
Mt MeruIncenseAyurveda $3.50 
Mt MeruIncenseFrankincense 15Mg $2.50 
Mt MeruIncenseJasmine $3.50 
Mt MeruIncenseKamini Rose  $3.50 
Mt MeruIncenseMoonlight Unicorn  $6.00 
Mt MeruIncenseSandalwood $3.50 
Mt MeruIncense Tranquility 20Mg $2.50 
Mt MeruIncenseVanilla (Midnight Messenger)  $6.00 
Mt MeruIncenseWhite Rose (Forrest Unicorn) $6.00 
Mt MeruIncense White Sage 15Mg $2.50 
Mt MeruIncenseYlang Ylang 20Mg $2.50 
Mt MeruIncenseZen Meditation $3.50 
Mt MeruIncense conesChakra Lotus $2.50 
Mt MeruoilKamasutra Oil $9.00 
Mt MeruresinChakra Energy resin 60gms $11.00 
Mt MeruresinDragon`s Blood resin 60gms $11.00 
Mt MeruresinFrankincense Resin 60gms $11.00 
Mt MeruresinMyrrh resin 60gms$16.00
Mt MeruresinPatchouli Amber resin 30gms$10.50
Mt Merusmudge sticksPalo Santo Wood Sticks $15.00 
Mt Merusmudge sticksSage Smudge Sticks $10.00 
Mt MerusoapHimalayan $8.00 
Mt MerusoapWhite Sage Soap $7.00 

No8.Essentials products

N8.EssentialsDeodorantCedarwood & Vanilla 85g $22.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantCedarwood & Vanilla 28g $12.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantGrapefruit & Lavender 85g $22.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantGrapefruit & Lavender 28g $12.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantLemon & Mint 85g $22.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantLemon & Mint 28g $12.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantLime & Vetiver 85g $22.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantLime & Vetiver 28g $12.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantPalmarosa 85g $22.50
N8.EssentialsDeodorantPalmarosa 28g $12.50 
N8.EssentialsDeodorantYlang Ylang & Juniper 85g $22.50
N8.EssentialsDeodorantYlang Ylang & Juniper 28g $12.50
N8.EssentialsLip BalmApple  $12.50 
N8.EssentialsLip BalmCherry  $12.50 
N8.EssentialsLip BalmPeach  $12.50 
N8.EssentialsLip BalmRaspberry  $12.50 
N8.EssentialsLip BalmSyrah Tint  $12.50 
N8.EssentialsLip BalmUnflavoured  $12.50 

Tui Balms products

Tui BalmsInsect repellentExtreme Bug Spray 60Ml$25.00
Tui BalmsInsect repellentExtreme Bug Spray 150Ml$44.00
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBaby Balm 25g $14.50 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBaby Balm 50g $19.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBaby Balm 100g $26.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBaby Balm 300g $61.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBaby Balm 500g $80.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBee Balm 25g $12.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBee Balm 50g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBee Balm 100g$21.00
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBee Balm 300g$50.00
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBug Balm 25g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBug Balm 50g $19.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamBug Balm 100g$26.00
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamCooling Soothing Balm 25g $17.50 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamCooling Soothing Balm 50Gm $21.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamCooling Soothing Balm 100g $32.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamFoot Balm 25g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamFoot Balm 50g $19.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamLavender Massage Balm 50g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamLavender Massage Balm 100g $21.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamLavender Massage Balm 300g $50.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamRelaxation Massage Balm 50g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamRelaxation Massage Balm 100g $21.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamRelaxation Massage Balm 300g $50.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamSports Massage Balm 50g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamSports Massage Balm 100g $21.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamSports Massage Balm 300g $50.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamThroat Chest Balm 25g $15.50 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamThroat And Chest Balm 50g $20.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamThroat Chest Balm 100g $28.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamThroat Chest Balm 300g $70.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamWarming & Easing Balm 25g $17.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamWarming & Easing Balm 50g $22.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamWarming & Easing Balm 100gm $31.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamWomen’s Blend Massage Balm 50g $15.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamWomen’s Blend Massage Balm 100g $21.00 
Tui BalmsLotion/CreamWomen’s Blend Massage Balm 300g $50.00 

Jeymar products

JeymarOilOrganic Argan Oil 50 ml $41.00 
JeymarShampoo barLavender & Teatree $9.50 
JeymarShampoo barSage, Lime & Mint $9.50 
JeymarShampoo & Conditioner Bar SetLavender & Teatree $9.50 
JeymarSleep BalmLavender  $7.00 
JeymarSoapLavender  $4.50 
JeymarSoapLemon Myrtle $4.50 
JeymarSoapLime & Spice  $4.50 
JeymarSoapManuka oil Soap with Honey $4.50 
JeymarSoapOatmeal & Honey  $4.50 
JeymarSoapPalmarosa Patchouli & Poppy Seed  $4.50 
JeymarSoapRose & Geranium  $4.50 
JeymarSoapSoap~n seed set $13.00 
JeymarSoapVanilla & Orange with Coffee grounds $4.50 

Akasha products

AkashaCandlesMeditation Candle 70Hrs $28.50 
AkashaCandlesMeditation Candle 80Hrs $38.50 
AkashaOils & balmsMeditation Balm W/ Oil $36.00 
AkashaOils & balmsMeditation Oil 15Ml $28.00 
AkashaOracle cardsAngels Daily Guidance $38.00 
AkashaOracle cardsArchangel Gabriel $38.00 
AkashaOracle cardsArchangel Michael $38.00 
AkashaOracle cardsArchangel Oracle Cards$38.00
AkashaOracle cardsArchangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards$38.00
AkashaOracle cardsCeltic Tree Oracle Cards$48.00
AkashaOracle cardsChakra Insight oracle cards$54.00
AkashaOracle cardsCrystal Reading Cards $45.00 
AkashaOracle cardsCrystal Spirits $58.00
AkashaOracle cardsCrystal Tarot Cards$56.00
AkashaOracle cardsEnchanted Blossoms Empowerment$52.00
AkashaOracle cardsFind Your Light Inspiration Deck$52.00
AkashaOracle cardsGaia Oracle $48.00 
AkashaOracle cardsHeal Yourself$40.00
AkashaOracle cardsMagical Messages $40.00 
AkashaOracle cardsMessages From Your Animal Spirit Guides$38.00
AkashaOracle cardsMoonology$36.00
AkashaOracle cardsOracle Card Goddess Guidance $42.00 
AkashaOracle cardsOracle of the Fairies$36.00
AkashaOracle cardsRider Tarot Deck$50.00
AkashaOracle cardsRumi Oracle $48.00 
AkashaOracle cardsSacred Earth Oracle cards$48.00
AkashaOracle cardsSacred Geometry Cards $48.00 
AkashaOracle cardsSacred Spirit reading cards$48.00
AkashaOracle cardsSoulful Woman $48.00 
AkashaOracle cardsSpirit Animal Wisdom oracle card $38.00 
AkashaOracle cardsTeen Angel Oracle Cards$48.00
AkashaOracle cardsThe Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe$59.00
AkashaOracle cardsUniversal Celtic Tarot$38.00
AkashaOracle cardsUniversal Love Healing oracle cards$48.00
AkashaOracle cardsUniversal Wisdom Oracle Cards$38.00
AkashaOracle cardsUniverse Has Your Back Cards$36.00
AkashaOracle cardsWork Your Light$36.00
AkashaOracle cardsZen Tarot $75.00