Ashley Raju

Ashley Raju

Trauma-Informed Counsellor/Indigenous Yoga Practitioner

About Ashley

“Let’s heal what our ancestors were never allowed to heal…”

Our bodies often hold our own stories and those left unheard by the generations before us. These stories live not only in our minds but also in our bodies and nervous systems. I understand that many of you will be healing intergenerational wounds. That’s why I use an Indigenous, person-centered approach so that you may safely (re)connect to your inner world.

As the child of immigrant parents, and growing up a third culture kid, I understand the challenge of navigating different cultures and the intersections of your identity. That’s why I work from an anti-oppressive, holistic, trauma-informed lensBy incorporating Trauma-Informed Yoga & Yogic philosophy, Dance & Movement therapy, Somatic (Body wisdom) approaches, Pūrākau and stories, I am able to learn what matters most to you, so that you may embrace your authentic self. Our mahi together takes into account the experiences of immigration, colonisation, oppression, systemic inequities and trauma on our wellbeing.

Rather than seeing you and your story in isolation, I see it through a holistic lens in relationship to the people, systems, and experiences in your life.

I prefer to work with People of Colour over the age of 16 who are seeking a counsellor with shared cultural background and lived experience. I have been raised with Yoga and Sanatan Dharma, learning from my elders and deepened my practice through Embody Yoga’s Roots 200YTT. I also work concurrently with Te Paepae Arahi as a counsellor for rangatahi, a Yoga teacher for Seedling Yoga, and a teacher for the Bachelor in Counselling and Addictions Practice at Te Pūkenga/Weltec.



Counselling & Trauma-Informed Yoga sessions


$140 per session

  • $120 for WINZ approved sessions
  • $120 for Gumboot Friday sessions (2 free sessions for people under 25)

You can book a free 30-minute virtual discovery call to see whether I can support you at

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications

  • Provisional member NZAC
  • Masters in Counselling Studies
  • Ancestral-based learning of Achala Paripurna Rajayoga lineage