David Gill

David Gill

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner

About David

I provide a space where many people I’ve coached report that they:

  • Felt listened to and understood
  • Started to feel lighter and more at ease in their own skin
  • Were able to let go of old stuff and most importantly…
  • Learnt effective tools to start a new chapter in their lives

Perhaps you have been carrying other people’s burdens for too long out of a sense of love, fear or obligation? And now you feel it’s time to do something for yourself  – to make your own heart happy again? But you’re concerned about how that will impact others in your life?

I work with people who want to let go of stuff and discover their real dreams whilst also getting comfortable about what this could mean for other people in their lives.

Maybe you want to let go of emotional baggage, a limiting belief, or self-criticism. Or maybe it’s something practical – clearing out the garage, leaving a job that’s passed it’s used-by date, deciding to sell the family home, or letting go of an old habit? You want to make room for something – or someone – new, to feel empowered, or even just feel lighter and more supported inside of an ongoing challenge such as caregiving for someone else, parenting, or dealing with an ongoing health challenge.

In my coaching space, I listen to the concerns of your heart and we find out what’s truly important to you. Then we explore some tools which help your head connect with your heart in a way that listens more deeply to its priorities and then explores new ways to address them.

We start by accepting the situation, then connecting with our inner wisdom. We look at ways to be open to some other perspectives so that we can increase our sense of choice and creativity about the challenges we are responding to. Then we discover that some of this exploration can be quite fun and produce a lot of insight. Before long we’re feeling inspired and we start to recover that sense of awe and wow about the experience of living as we join all the dots in new and different ways.

You might start a new chapter having discovered your real dreams in life, or, you might choose to continue the current chapter with more sense of fun, purpose and lightness in it all.

I have used the tools of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming for over 30 years to overcome anxiety and pursue a range of life goals. I ran an NLP Coaching Practice in Whangarei, Northland for four years and worked with over 200 clients on their life goals. In 2020 my partner and I moved to Wellington to start a new chapter here.



  • Life Coaching
  • NLP Master Practitioner



$280* – Note -first session is 2 hours (plus)

$140/hr – subsequent sessions usually last between 60-90 minutes.

Packages Available.

This is a goal-orientated approach so most clients choose to come for a specific period eg 6 weeks or 3 months.

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications


Master Practitioner & Instructor of NLP, BA(hons), BPA, LTCL (Speech & Drama), Dip Teaching & Learning (Secondary), Dip Musical Theatre, Dip(hons) Art & Creativity, CELTA (ESOL).


Professional Member NZANLP – New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming