Estelle Cainey

Estelle Cainey

Intuitive Life Coach/Fractology Practitioner

About Estelle

I am an intuitive who works with people experiencing a life challenge and/or who want to take the next step into a more expansive life. The work is personalised, specialised and in-depth, working with the highest frequencies possible, covering over 30 years of intensive training and experience to provide the best outcomes for people.

In my spiritual life coach practice I achieve: transformation, tune-ups, up-grades, shifting out from old programming into the new, strengthening, expansion of self, profound energetic re-alignment. The uniqueness and accuracy of the work is from extensive training over the years and my ever-evolving ability to navigate and facilitate the session work to the deepest levels possible.

I am a creative and thoroughly enjoy photography and the arts.  I work collaboratively from time to time on causes that help uplift humanity through energy work, meditations, and creativity.


Estelle Cainey



Intuitive Life Coach/Fractology Practitioner


$120 per session

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications

Various extensive training spanning over 30 years; of significance

NZ’s 1st qualified Fractology Practitioner – Dec 2004.

Life Coach Qualification Certified (2003)

Reiki Master/Teacher 22/12/1998