Grace Diamond

Grace Diamond

Transformational Intuitive Life Therapist, Double Reiki Master (Usuai and Kundalini) and Energy Healer, Communications Specialist

About Grace

Trained in Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, western herbalism.

Physics declares everything is energy in its purest form. I am humbly gifted with abilities to feel/see energies. I’ve spent my life learning and harnessing this skill into ease.

Whole being energetic balancing is simply a clever way to express the profound benefits a healing session can encompass. Co-creating a conversation based on anything desired to heal, we embark on a transformational collaboration of understanding why and who you are, and proactively direct you towards where you choose to be. Balancing your chakras and reprogramming your cellular and/or energetic memory, with full dialogued permission through each step of your healing journey, is standard. In this way, we are able to tap into conscious and sub-conscious systems to implement whole being balance and self awareness.

I am a Usuai and Kundalini Reiki Master, transformational counsellor, passionate protector of peaceful pursuits, wife and mother. I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service for you living your highest wholeness in life.



Phone: 02108748444


  • Transformational Intuitive Life Therapist
  • Double Reiki Master (Usuai and Kundalini) and energy healer
  • Communications Specialist


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