Scarlett Jones

Scarlett Jones


About Scarlett

Whether it’s increased stress or anxiety, depression feeling like it’s swallowing us whole, feelings of powerlessness, dissatisfaction with the relationships in our lives, school issues or grief, I believe that counselling has the potential to help us not only to get through, but to get better at getting through and enjoying life more.

I often work with clients to learn more about what they’re feeling and why they might be feeling it. Sometimes we discuss thoughts that they’re having and how this is affecting how they’re feeling, and the beliefs that they have that could be driving this cycle. We all have unhelpful or unhealthy things that we tell ourselves, and counselling is the perfect place to come and shine some light on them and unpack them.
Many clients are also surprised by how powerful simple techniques are for identifying types of behaviours in themselves and others, changing relationship dynamics or creating a sense of calm in their bodies.
We all come to counselling for different reasons, wanting different things from it. My job is to get to know you and some of your story, and work with you to see what is going to be most helpful for you right now.

I have worked therapeutically with youth at South Wellington Intermediate School and Wellington High School, as well as co-facilitating the Self Esteem for Teen Girl courses at the Lower Hutt Women’s Centre.






$90 per session

also accept WINZ clients

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications

bachelor of counselling

provisional member of NZAC