Schamet Horsfield

Schamet Horsfield

Online Consultations Only. Intuitive Energy Clearing, Reiki and Sound Healing
About Schamet

Schamet offers energy and sound healing. She assists people with clearing out old stuck energy. She helps people to connect to their guardians, guides, angels, and brings in healing energy, Sometimes messages come through as she is Intuitively guided. Schamet will always be gentle, respectful where people are, and kind by asking permission if you would like to know what messages come through.

Schamet is also a woman’s circle facilitator/teacher and offers essential oil classes, work shops, and one on one appointments tailored to what each individual needs and wants from each session.


ph: 027 518 2476



  • Intuitive energy clearing, Reiki and sound healing
  • Women Circle Facilitator/Teacher
  • Essential Oil Workshops/ doTerra Wellness Consultant


  • Energy Healing: $100 for one hour
  • doTerra Wellness consult $45 for 1 hour private session
  • Workshops are sometimes free or a small investment price


  • Diploma East West School of the Healing Arts – Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Clairvoyant Practitioner Training, Portland Oregon USA
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • NLP Certification
  • Intuitive and spiritual gifts I was born with, however training has taught me how to listen and use them to help myself and others.