Rooms for hire for consultancy, groups, workshops and meetings


You’ll find rooms for hire at Koru Hub, 118 The Parade, Island Bay. We are a friendly community hub which welcomes groups and individuals wanting to use our rooms for hire.

Koru hub consists of:


The Purpose of koru hub is:

Rooms for Hire

There are three lovely rooms for hire with their own unique feel.  All rooms have fresh air, natural light and a friendly welcoming environment. They can be rented on a casual or a permanent basis.

The Tui room, which is light, bright and cheerful is suitable for two-person meetings.

$20 for 1 ½ hours (day) $25 for 2 hours (day) $40 for a half day  (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm) $60 for a full day  (8am-6pm) $30 for an evening starting at 6.30pm

The Kereru room which is a bit bigger can be used for a small group of up to 5 people. This is a very quiet and peaceful room.

$20 for 1 ½ hours (day) $25 for 2 hours (day) $40 for a half day (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm) $60 for a full day (8am-6pm) $30 for an evening starting at 6.30pm

The Pukeko room can comfortably sit 8 in a circle but can fit 12. It can also be used with two large trestle tables, seating 10 people. This room has a more modern feel.

$20 for 1 ½ hours (day) $25 for 2 hours (day) $45 for a half day (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm) $70 for a full day (8am-6pm) $ 30 for the early evening (6.00-7.30pm) $40 for the later evening (7.30-9.30pm)

Please feel free to contact us if these prices are a problem for you.

If there are particular things in a room that are not to your taste you are welcome to put them in a cupboard while you use the room.

Other facilities at Koru Hub

There is a small folding table, two tables that can be put together for a meeting table, and a whiteboard – all available for booking.  We also have a small kitchen area with a small fridge, a microwave, and tea making facilities, and a bathroom. The two larger rooms have CD players.

One of the great things about koru hub is easy parking on the street!

We are happy to work with you to make the space work how you want it.

Responsibilities of koru hub

1. We take responsibility for ensuring a safe, clean, tidy and welcoming place to work.

2. We take responsibility for overseeing the smooth running of the centre, which includes:

  • the booking system
  • the website
  • helping new people to settle in

Your responsibilities

  1. Making sure that the room you want is available before organising a group or workshop. Booking any equipment that you need ahead of time
  2.  Paying your room rent at the time of booking.
  3. Keeping the premises secure when using the rooms. If you have booked a room outside of shop-hours please greet your group participants at the front door, and see them back to the front door after you have finished. Please make sure that both shop doors are locked when you are using the rooms.
  4. When you have finished please close the windows, turn off all lights, heaters, and power points, and leave the room clean and tidy – rubbish bin empty, no dirty dishes, and the room set up the same way that it was.
  5. If you are the last person at koru hub, please turn off all the lights as you leave.
  6. Put the keys back in the lock box.

Application process for renting a room at Koru Hub

  1. Once we have received your application form we will contact you and arrange a time to meet at Koru Hub for you to have a look around, and for us to have a chat.
  2. If after this meeting, we both think that Koru Hub is a good fit for you then we sign an agreement. 
  3. You will then be shown how to use the lock box.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you around Koru Hub!